Understanding CPS Gifted Testing and Admissions

September 21, 2024 10am-12pm

Navigating the Chicago Public School (CPS) Gifted and Classical school options

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Preschool & Elementary Parents (PreK-8th) will gain answers to:

  • Understanding of the CPS Gifted and Classical School Options (what's new this testing year).
  • How to successfully navigate the CPS admissions and selection application process.
  • What's the difference between Gifted and Classical schools?
  • Tips & strategies for Academic Center and HSAT test prep.
  • How do I prepare my 6th/7th/8th grader selective enrollment testing ?
  • How can I register my child for test prep/tutoring support?
  • What sample questions are used for test prep?

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Featured speakers are former CPS moms and local educational experts

Q&A with Lemi and Grace

Lemi-Ola Erinkitola

Founder, The Critical Thinking Child

Lemi-Ola Erinkitola is an award-winning educator, parent coach, children's author and the founder of The Critical Thinking Child. Her life work and passion is helping parents nurture their child's academic potential in an engaging and joyful way so kids can fast track learning, discover their gifts and reclaim family time. Lemi’s passion for education has led her to develop proven frameworks that foster academic achievement and critical thinking skills while also encouraging confidence, mindfulness, and fun. In 2020, Erinkitola was awarded a Global Forum for Education and Learning (GFEL) Educator of the Year award for her significant contributions to the education sector. She is certified in Social-Emotional Learning and Vedic Mathematics.

Grace Lee Sawin

Co-founder, Chicago School GPS

Grace has always felt that the most important role of a parent is to provide the best possible education for her children by putting in all the time and research required to successfully make that happen. Little did she know how MUCH time and research she would have to do to get her daughters into a sought-after private Montessori for preschool, then into a well-regarded selective enrollment elementary program followed by a top selective enrollment high school and her oldest to an Ivy League university.  Throughout the years, Grace has seen the school choice landscape change in Chicago, with more options for all types of students. She thrives on uncovering “hidden” info others simply don’t have time to uncover, and is excited to share that info with you. She firmly believes a great education is a right, not a privilege.

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Understanding CPS Gifted Testing and Admissions

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September 21, 2023

10am -12pm

Preschool - 8th grade parents:

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